Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Helping one paw at a time


Helping one paw at a time


Seattle Dogs Homeless Program is a WA State non profit street outreach program that helps owners living in homelessness in Seattle with their pets.

We provide care for these fur babies by providing quality food, supplies and vet care.

We also offer boarding for dogs thru a local facility, contingent on space, for owners who need drug treatment, are hospitalized or go to school or work. We also continue to help the pets for 3 months once housing is obtained.

We understand the issues dog owners face and we believe that homelessness shouldn't be a barrier to quality care and necessary pet products . This is what drives our mission statement.

Seattle Dogs has literally gone to the dogs!


* Pet food and supplies

* Emergency Vet Care

* Spay and Neuter

* Boarding

* Rescue

Our Mission


Our mission is to reduce the number of pets going hungry, help reduce shelter intakes by helping owners care for their pets, help control the pet population by offering free spay and neuter, and help stop abuse, neglect, abandonment by providing rescue.

We are dedicated to helping dogs within the City of Seattle by providing necessary services and supplies to those living in homelessness  

By providing food, supplies, vet care, boarding and rescue we have set out to cover the need from a-z and by doing this we are directly impacting the lives of these animals.  

Our commitment to the pets is our top priority 

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Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

street search and rescue, Seattle, WA 98102, US

(206) 519-1697