About our Vet Program

Veterinary Care

Vet care is important for every dog, from shots to emergency surgeries we are doing our best to help owners maintain healthy dogs. Living outside is hard on the dogs and along with proper food, vet care is a vital and essential part of our program

By providing vet care we are improving and saving lives one stitch at a time

Rules Apply

All owners whose pets need vet care must be homeless in the city of Seattle and must agree that Seattle Dogs will spay or neuter the pet at the time of service or service will be denied.
Controlling the pet population is something we take very seriously. There are no exceptions unless our vet concludes that its not safe or advisable at the time of service.

Vet Fund

Vet care is vital to Seattle Dogs but we need your help to keep it going. Donations help cover our costs and ensures that another dog waiting can be seen.  If any funds from one pet are left over it stays in our vet account and begins to cover the next one coming thru the door.  We appreciate your support and offer two ways to donate:

1. Via Paypal please click link to donate a one time or monthly contribution

2. Donate directly to our vet Greenwood Animal Hospital 206-528-3838 re Seattle Dogs

To Donate Click Here