Rescue: A different breed of love

Rescue is just another part of what we do and we take this job very seriously.  

Not all of the dogs available for adoption come from owners living in homelessness but many do and others are surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances. We understand this is a difficult decision and we are honored to be a trusted part of the process

Finding a home or networking with other rescues, we all work with the common goal of dogs finding forever homes. We've built a great network around our dogs and look forward to helping them find forever homes thru adoption.  

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Networking Dog Adoptions in Seattle

Rescue takes time, patience and commitment. Seattle Dogs is a  501c3 nonprofit honored to be apart of a network of people and rescues that share the same values and goals that we do.
Below you'll find a link for dogs available for adoption thru another rescue that helped build a safety net for our dogs. Rescue communities are a important part of what we do and they help us to ensure we are meeting the needs of the dogs we are entrusted with.      

We will feature other rescue organizations that opened themselves up to our dogs time of need each month.  

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